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Echo in partnership with Fora Copenhagen, Sj Vietnam, Rural Center for Human Interests India and InterCollege ApS, is launching a Global Pathway program supported by the European Union's Erasmus +.

The concept of sustainable entrepreneurship is increasingly being heard. How to make your business responsible in relation to society, environment, economy?

The project participants held the first online meeting for joint planning.

During the implementation of the project, all partners will contribute to the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and youth training to combat unemployment. As part of the project, a training manual on sustainable entrepreneurship will be issued. The manual will be developed from the perspective of the three pillars of sustainable development: economic prosperity, environmental protection, social justice. It will include examples from India, Vietnam, Denmark and Kazakhstan. About 100 young people will be trained in sustainable entrepreneurship. For training, methods of non-formal education will be used, taking into account the best world practices.