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Elections of akims of cities of regional significance, rural districts, settlements and villages that are not part of the rural district, which took place in August 2017 in all 14 regions of Kazakhstan, were completed. The CEC published generalized information, without details on gender, party affiliation, social status. 

The number of nominated candidates was 4059, of them registered - 3951. We found information in the media that in the Zhambyl region, about 60 candidates on the eve of the elections withdrew their candidacies. In 2013, there was a similar situation in this area.

A total of 1416 rural akims were elected.

In the Akmola region - 136 akims,
West Kazakhstan-95,
Kyzylorda 72,

One rural district in the Aktobe region  will hold repeated elections on September 20.

Information on the results of voting with the number of votes received by each candidate on the websites of local government bodies is not available, except for single cases.

Details found only in 4 areas:
Maslikhat of the Astrakhan district of the Akmola region elected 12 akims, each winner received 100% of the vote.
Maslikhat of Shemonaihe district of the East Kazakhstan region elected 7 akims, all winners won 100% of the vote.
Maslikhat of Zyryanovsk district of East Kazakhstan region has elected 9 akims. One of the winning akims won only 75% of the vote. The remaining 88-93%, and one 100%.
Maslikhat of Akkayinsky district of the North Kazakhstan region elected 12 akims, 8 of which gained 100%, 3 - 90%, and 80%

It is definitely clear that there is no competition as such in the elections. But it is also difficult to expect anything different, when only the district akim puts forward all the candidates. Recall that the right to nominate rural akims are exclusively belong to regional akims. Self-nominations, nominations by the local community, public associations are not provided. Only the regional akim nominates all candidates for the district. The deputies of the regional maslikhat elect akims but local residents do not have such a right.