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The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a law that amended the Constitutional Law "On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan." Part of the changes touched on the requirements for candidates for the presidency of the country. 

Now the candidates must have a five-year experience in the civil service or elected state offices.

A medical examination of the candidate will be conducted to exclude diseases that may hamper the performance of the president's duties. Moreover, the list of diseases and the survey process itself will be determined by a separate normative legal act of the CEC and the authorized body of public health.

Self-nomination of candidates for the post of president is excluded.

Subject to amendments to the March 2017 Election law, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan must also be a citizen of the Republic by birth, at least forty years of age, fluent in the state language, live in Kazakhstan for the last fifteen years and have a higher education.

The public organization "Echo" believes that these demands in the joint activity severely restrict the suffrage of citizens.