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Each time, when observing the elections, ECHO monitors how changes the attitude towards women, how many women participate in the elections and how many eventually become deputies and akims. This time we studied how many women were elected as rural akims during the August 2017 elections. 

Unfortunately, it is not enough  published  information, how many women were running, and not all election commissions gave information on elected akims.

From what is, by regions:

  1. Akmola region: out of 157 akims 29 women (18%)
  2. East Kazakhstan : out of 252 akims 36 women (14%)
  3. Karaganda region: among the candidates there were 26% of women, 129 akims were elected, of them 8 women (6%)
  4. Mangistau oblast: out of 47 akims 1 woman (2%)
  5. Atyrau oblast: 25% of women were candidates, 48 ​​akims were elected, 3 of them were women (6%).
  6. Almaty region: out of 129 akims 6 women (4.6%),
  7. Pavlodar region: out of 98 akims 18 women (18%),
  8. West Kazakhstan : out of 95 akims 7 women (7%)
  9. North kazakhstan: 138 akims, reported that 30% of women. We found information on seven districts out of thirteen, 54 akims were elected, and 15 of them were women, which is, of course, slightly less - 28%.

Totally, out of 1009 akims 105 women. 10%.

For the rest of regions the information is not found, but given that this is the southern and western regions, we are afraid that there the percentage of women-akims will be less.

For comparison, in 2013, 11.4% of women were elected to the post of akim

Note: The information was received in part on official websites, partly in the Internet-media, which broadcast messages from members of election commissions


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